Date of Award


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Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

First Advisor

Robert H. Albers


Mainland Chinese Christian scholars (Xue Zhe Ji Du Tu) are crucial to the Chinese churches in the American context in the U.S. In the last two decades, because these scholars join and then quickly leave the church, the fate of the Chinese church is in jeopardy. This research will consider this phenomenon of Christian scholars joining and then leaving the church and attempt to determine what are the theological, pastoral and sociological factors that contribute to these scholars leaving. This research will utilize a qualitative approach using the interview method to study the members of these Chinese Churches in the Twin Cities. Grounded theory will provide the theoretical approach, because it provides both a useful and suitable perspective for analyzing the reasons as to why these mainland Chinese Christian scholars are leaving the church in the Twin Cities. The qualitative approach is employed to guide this research throughout the design, data collection as well as the whole process of writing the dissertation.