Quantum Cosmology and Speculative Philosophy: Hawking, Hegel, and the God/World Relationship

Date of Award


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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

First Advisor

Guillermo Hansen


Hawking’s quantum cosmology and Hegel’s speculative philosophy are brought to bear on one another for the purpose of elucidating the God/world relationship in a post-classical, post-relativity context. By adopting a transdisciplinary posture, the physical universe of the Hartle-Hawking proposal is shown to be isomorphic with Hegel’s conception of true infinitude. This leads to a series of striking parallels between the two discourses, the result of which is a reading of Hegel’s idea that “ohne Welt ist Gott nicht Gott” which is scientifically informed, philosophically coherent, and faithful to the Christian mystical tradition.

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