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Master of Theology (Th.M)

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Mary Hess


Faith formation of children in a post-Christian America and balancing chasing American dream and obeying the Missio Dei poses insurmountable challenges to African immigrant families. This study analyzes works of scholars Karen-Marie Yust, Marva J. Dawn and Marjorie J. Thompson on faith formation and the family, and Andrew Kirk, Athyal and Nyce, Christopher J. Wright regarding Missio Dei. Bible texts on mission and faith formation are discussed. Through an exploratory study of focus group discussions and observation and document analysis, this study argues that the family, church and community need to unite and work together as interrelated systems to advance the mission of God. While parents still want to form the faith of their children amidst living in a post Christian environment, a myriad of challenges still hamper their efforts in faith formation of their children. Parents therefore need to become intentional in developing the faith of their children in the home, church, community and schools.

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