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Master of Theology (Th.M)

First Advisor

Mark Granquist


This thesis examines a brief history of Chin Christianity which primarily focuses on the hlimsang movement, the revival movement, and the free evangelist movement that impacted contemporary Chin Christians’ understanding of Christian spirituality. The preachers of the three movements solely emphasized Martin Luther’s notion of “justification by grace through faith alone.” Unfortunately, they minimize the preaching and teaching of the good life and works in Christian life which Luther emphasized and discussed in his treatise Freedom of a Christian. As a result, Chin Christians emphasize too much the significance of Christian spirituality with emotional expressions in the worship service. Faith and Good works and the good life are not balanced enough.

Therefore, this thesis briefly examines Christian spirituality in the Bible and in the history of Christianity in order align the Chin Christians’ misunderstandings of Christian spirituality with biblical spirituality. This research finds that Luther never rejected the good life and works in the Christian life as found in Freedom of a Christian.

This thesis also attempts to stress that Christian spirituality goes way beyond an emotional feeling. It is a long spiritual journey that walks with the Spirit and keeps in step with the Spirit until the end of our mortal life on the earth. Christian spirituality is described as quality of life in which inner faith in Christ is lived out through the good life and good works.