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From 1879-1917, Red Wing Seminary was the center for the Hauge Synod, that group of Norwegian American Lutherans that followed the principles of Norwegian lay preacher Hans Nielsen Hauge (1771-1824). Their emphasis was on a heart-felt sense of sin and grace reflected in a regenerate life-style. This photograph shows an unidentified group of men, women, and children in front of a Red Wing Seminary building. The relatively few women and children, however, implies that it was a gathering of students and/or clergy, rather than a convention. Assuming there is clergy in this group, note the complete lack of any clerical vestments, which were generally not approved of by Haugeaners. Back of photograph reads: Red Wing Seminary, Red Wing, Minnesota. Via LTS, Dr. Svendsbye's office, from Bethel Lutheran Church, Lead, S.D., Pastor Emil D. Greiner.


Norwegian American Lutheranism, Red Wing Seminary (Hauge Synod, 1879-1917), Luther Seminary (1994-present)