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A common practice among church bodies and seminaries is to have an annual conference or "convocation" for the clergy for the purpose of fellowship, edification, and continuing education. Shown here is one such convocation on the campus of the United Church Seminary in the St. Anthony Park neighborhood of St. Paul in 1910. A caption indicates that room rent was 50 cents and board cost $3. Attendees were required to bring their own bedclothes and towels. It is interesting to note a number of women and children front and center on the photograph. Since the clergy was all male at this time, they are presumably the family of attendees or faculty. Front of photograph reads: Convocation at the United Lutheran Seminary Aug. 31-Sept. 7, 1910. Back of photograph reads: Ministers Conference at Luther Seminary August 1910?, Convocation lecture topics: Pastor & the young people - Dr. C.M. Wesnig, Organized Young Peoples Work - Dr. C.M. Wesnig, Luther League Topic - Dr. C.M. Wesnig, Bible Hours - Pastor Peder Tangjerd, Intro to Pastoral Theology - Pastor Halvard Roalkram, New Testament Study - Dr. M.O. Bockman, Our Madagascar Mission - Prof. O.M. Stolee, Absolution & Lord's Supper - Pastor N.B. Thvedt, Psychotherapeutics - Pastor Thore Eggen, The Church Situation in Norway - Pastor Solendahl.