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Old Main, dated 1900, was built for Augsburg Seminary, the seminary of the Conference for the Norwegian-Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, commonly called "the Conference." In 1897, after the "Augsburg Controversy," Augsburg Seminary and its supporters formed a new church body called the Lutheran Free Church. Augsburg Seminary and the Lutheran Free Church maintained autonomous existence until 1963 when the church merged into the American Lutheran Church. At that time Augsburg Seminary was merged into Luther Theological Seminary. Ironically, Luther Theological Seminary was the successor to the school formed by the United Norwegian Lutheran Church in 1893 during the "Augsburg Controversy." The four-year college department that remained at this site became Augsburg College. This recent photograph was taken to show Main after a major restoration project returned the building to its original splendour. Back of photograph reads: Augsburg Seminary, Lutheran Free Church until 1963, then w/LTS.


Norwegian American Lutheranism, Augsburg Seminary (1893-1962), Luther Seminary (1994-present), Old Main (Augsburg Seminary), Augsburg College (Minneapolis)