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This is the main building of Luther Theological Seminary. It was later named Bockman Hall in honor of M.O. (Markus Olaus) Bockman, president of Luther Theological Seminary, 1917-1930. This one building contained dorms, classrooms, faculty offices, a chapel, and a gym. In 1917, three Norwegian Lutheran church bodies, the United Church, the Norwegian Synod, and Hauge's Synod united to form the Norwegian Lutheran Church. Old theological differences on the doctrine of election (predestination) were smoothed over in a document known as the "Opgor" ("Agreement"). The seminaries of the three church bodies, the United Church Seminary, Luther Seminary (Hamline Ave., St. Paul), and the Red Wing Seminary, were merged to form Luther Theological Seminary on the United Church Seminary campus on Como Avenue in the St. Anthony Park neighborhood in St. Paul.


Norwegian American Lutheranism, Luther Theological Seminary (1917-1982), Luther Seminary (1994-present), Marcus O. Bockman