Journal for Christian Theological Research


This article seeks to draw forth the deeply apocalyptic ground of a uniquely modern thinking, which it attempts to understand as a rebirth of an original Christian apocalypticism. Such a ground is already manifest in the birth of modern science, and in the advent of a new and dichotomous interiority, one decisively present in Cartestian thinking and in German Idealism, and which in Hegel evolves into a fully apocalyptic systematic thinking. But modern apocalyptic thinking is grounded in a uniquely modern realization of the death of God, which can be understood as a conceptual realization of the crucifixion, as the crucifixion for the first time undergoes a purely conceptual expression. In Nietzsche, modern apocalyptic thinking passes into a uniquely modern nihilism, one which is being transcended and reversed in our time by the purely apocalyptic thinking of D. G. Leahy, a thinking which is apocalyptic and Catholic at once.