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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

First Advisor

Richard Rehfeldt


This project explores several last words speeches in Scripture, in an attempt to mine core theological convictions. It considers the subject of theological legacy. It seeks to ascertain whether or not the preaching of last words of witness will be effective in influencing listeners’ consideration of their own cherished spiritual values. By means of a series of six sermons the author endeavored to encourage listeners to incorporate into their own lives of faith the treasured spiritual values that have been passed down to them as a theological legacy and to give greater thought as to what core theological convictions they would like to pass on to others as their own theological legacy. The project demonstrates that the preaching of last words of witness can effectively motivate listeners to treasure the legacy they have received and be intentional about sharing their own theological legacy with others.

This project also addresses the decline in the mainline denominational churches in both numbers and vitality, and presents one way to curb that decline and to assist the Christian Church in courageously moving forward, treasuring the cherished legacy of faith that has been passed down by those who have gone before us and faithfully sharing this cherished legacy with the generations to come.