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Early Life: family background; education; called by Methodist Board of Missions to teach science at the Anglo-Chinese College (ACC), Fukien.

China Experiences: trip to China; Chinese language studies; Confucian spring sacrifices in Fukien, 1925; student demonstrations in Fukien, 1925; memories of Kuliang; 1926 military disturbances and evacuation to Philippines; Chinese and foreign attitudes toward indigenous institutions; new responsibilities after 1927 disturbances; return to ACC, 1930; response to Laymen Missionary Movement's Fact Finding Commission; people in agricultural studies in Fukien; brief history of missions in Yenping; description of climate and geography of Yenping; native vegetation in Fukien; Chinese farming methods in Fukien; agricultural experiments and other work at Yenping; diary accounts of travel on the Yen River; travels through rural Fukien; general description of responsibilities at Fukien Christian University (FCU) after WWII; describes project involving importation of a herd of Holstein cattle from America; political unrest among students at FCU; inflation in post-war China; FCU under the Communists; decision to leave China after the beginning of the Korean War; the journey out of China; experiences in Sarawak, 1950s.

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Midwest China Center


Saint Paul


Methodist, Missions, Anglo-Chinese College, ACC, Fukien, Chinese, Confucian, Kuliang, disturbances, Philippines, indigenous, Laymen Missionary Movement, agricultural, Yenping, Yen River, Christian University, FCU, WWII, Holstein cattle, post-war, Communists, Korean War, Sarawak

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