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Father's Early Life: family background; education; receives call from Hauge Synod Mission Board, 1896; expectations of work to be done in China; the trip to Fancheng, China, 1898; brief history of the beginning of Hauge Synod's mission work in China.

Father's China Experience: initial impressions of China; parents open up new mission station in Tszhu, 1900; flight to coast due to the Boxer Rebellion; return trip to and condition of the Tszho station, 1901; origins of Hauge orphanages in Fencheng and Tszho, 1903; relationships with Chinese and efforts on behalf of those in need of help.

Early Life: memories of Anna Lee Wold; trip to an outstation; father's medical crisis; return trip to Hankow, 1910; father's schedule and the family's life together; evacuation of Fancheng because of revolution and living on a river boat, 1911; living, school and fellow missionaries on Kikungshan; memories of Anna Nelson; life in Mrs. Martinson's boarding house in Sinyang; father's philosophy toward the founding of the Lutheran Church of China; mother's death and funeral; memories of General Feng Yu-hsiang and the mass baptism of 1000 soldiers; father's response to Karl Ludwig Reichelt and Agnes Kittelsby; language development; childhood memories of the Chinese culture; experiences travelling on the river; memories of Agnes Kittelsby and Grace Soderberg; memories of the American School-Kikungshan; adjustment to life in America; values of the China experience.

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father, Hauge Synod, Fancheng, mission, Tszho, Boxer Rebellion, orphanages, Fencheng, Chinese, Anna Lee Wold, Hankow, evacuation, Kikungshan, Anna nelson, Mrs. Martinson, Sinyang, Lutheran, churc h, mother, Feng Yu-hsiang, baptism, soldiers, Karl Ludwig Reichelt, Agnes Kittelsby, Grace Soderberg, American School

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