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Early Life: family background; education; called by Mission Board of the United Norwegian Lutheran Church to serve as a nurse.

China Experiences: memories of Sister Thone Sandland; emotional struggles faced by single women missionaries; description of first year spent at language school in Peking in 1923; experiences at hospitals in Kioshan and Hwangchuan; memorable people at Hwangchuan; Hwangchuan ladies' aid society; evacuatioin due to civil unrest, 1927; experiences as school nurse at American School-Kikungshan (ASK); why ASK moved to Kuling; training nurses and other responsibilities at Union Hospital, Sinyang; the reputation of Dr. Skinsnes in Sinyang; supply problems at Hwangchuan hospital, 1935; effects of Japanese occupation and bombing on city and hospital of Hwangchuan; uncertainties created by the war; journey out of China to America, 1944; work in Fancheng after return to China, 1946.

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Midwest China Center


Saint Paul


Mission, United Norwegian Lutheran Church, nurse, Sister Thone Sandland, single women, missionaries, Peking, hospital, Koshan, Hwangchuan, ladies' aid society, evacuation, civil unrest, American School-Kikungshan, ASK, Union Hospital, Sinyang, Dr. Skinsnes, Japanese, war

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