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Early Life: education; family background; volunteers to American Friends Service Committee, 1945.

China Experiences: trip to and arrival in Shanghai, 1946; trip to and work at Hwa Mei I Yuan Hospital in Chengchow, Honan; description of Friends role, projects, and administrative organization in post-war Honan; transferred to Yenan International Peace Hospital (IPH), 1947; list of six Friends in Yenan upon arrival; initial impressions of Yenan; response to U.S. military aid in post-war China; responsibilities as a member of Medical Team 19 (MT 19); medical conditions in and around Yenan; response of villagers to Communists; coping with the lack of medical supplies; music and theater during Yenan days; visit to a Los Angeles nursery; lessons learned from China experiences; leaves MT 19 and IPH, 1948; differences between Communist and Nationalist areas of China; philosophy of purpose of Friends Service Committee; description of 1972 visit to China.

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Midwest China Center


Saint Paul


Ammerican Friends Service Committee, Shanghai, Hwa Mei I Yuan Hospital, Chengchow, Honan, post-war, Yenan International Peace Hospital, IPH, Yenan, U.S. military aid, Medical Team 19, MT 19, Communists, medical, Los Angeles nursery, Nationalist

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