Rolf Syrdal



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Early Life: family background; education; went to China under the auspices of the Lutheran United Mission, 1929.

China Experiences: Scandinavian interest in China missions; language training in Peking; lifestyle and evangelizing in and around Fancheng, Honan; description of various Chinese Christians living in Fancheng; military disturbances at Fancheng, early 1930s; the Bert Nelson affair; Communist activity in the Fancheng area; impressions of Chiang Kai-shek and Feng Yu-hsiang; anti-foreign sentiment in Sinyang; educational system at the mission school; response to gunboat policy; experience with revivalism of 1930s; impressions of ecumenism in China; memories of Peng Fu; response to a Lutheran college in China after WWII; Lutheran conceptions of the future of mission work in China after WWII; reasons for ordering evacuation of Lutheran missions from China as director of world missions for the Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1948; lessons learned from missionary involvement in China.

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Midwest China Center


Saint Paul


Lutheran United Mission, China missions, Peking, evangelizing, Fancheng, Honan, Chinese, Christians, Bert Nelson, Communist, Chiang Kai-shek, Feng Yu-hsiang, anti-foreign, Sinyang, mission school, gunboat policy, revivalism, ecumenism, Peng Fu, WWII, evacuation, Evangelical Lutheran Church, missionary

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