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Early Life: family background; education; called by the Board of Missions of the Methodist Church, 1920.

China Experiences: description of and trip to station at Yung Chun, Fukien; learning Chinese language and customs at Yung Chun; teaching at the boys' school for one year; description of various mission activities in Yung Chun area; organizes school for girls; description of school's faculty and students; description of a Chinese feast; the death of a student; general description of vacations taken in China; response to Communists and example of "difficulties" they caused; experience with bandits in Yung Chun; awareness of some of China's most important leaders of the 1920s; women's rights; brief description of extended family; experience travelling with Bible women and requirements of Chinese for membership in Methodist Church; examples of the problems created by the introduction of new social customs in China; life as a member of the Christian community; dealing with servants; the Epworth League and the Peace Society; memories of street preaching; description of some Chinese social customs; response of Yung Chun students to student demonstrations during the 1920s; general description of Christian schools in Yung Chun; the Chinese diet and use of human waste; left China, 1926.

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Midwest China Center


Saint Paul


Missions, Methodist Church, Yung Chun, Fukien, Chinese, boys' school, girls, Communists, bandits, leaders, Bible women, social customs, Christian, Epworth League, Peace Society, street preaching, student demonstrations, Chinese diet and use of human waste

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