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Early Life: family background; education; accepted as missionary by local Presbyterian Mission Board, 1920; assigned to position of secretary-treasurer of Presbyterian Mission in Nanking; education for work in China.

China Experiences: sent to language school in Nanking; description of community work and first job in Nanking; adjustments to life in China; formation of the ecumenical Church of Christ in China, 1923; management by objectives within church organization; communication between Presbyterian Mission Board in America and field workers; key Chinese leaders in Chinese Presbyterian Church; liberal/fundamental Presbyterian theology; brief descriptions of mission church, schools and hospital in Nanking and their purposes; response to footbinding; account of Dr. Sun Yat-sen's funeral; response to Chiang Kai-shek, Communism, and Chinese nationalism; experiences during Naking incident, March, 1927; memories of Pearl S. Buck's family; improvements in Nanking during Nationalist rule, 1927-1937; evacuates to Hankow after Marco Polo Bridge Incident, 1937; description of International Red Cross Committee based in Hankow, late 1930s; return to Nanking, 1938; placed under and description of house detention by Japanese in Nanking after Pearl Harbor; Jewish refugees in Nanking; women's status in mission work; use of Chinese language in mission meetings; observation of mission work in other parts of the world; comparison of mission work in China and India; accepts position in Foochow, 1946; coping with inflation; changes in the church after WWII; effects of missionary living standards on relationships with the Chinese; growing awareness of Communism and the response of the church and individual missionaries, 1946-1948; brief biography of husband, Dr. Charles Jarvis; future of Christianity in China; response to People's Republic of China; conflicts faced by Chinese contemplating conversion to Christianity; various indicators of the indigenization process in China; lessons learned from the missionary enterprise; missionary contributions to Christianity in America; memorable missionaries and Chinese Christians.

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Saint Paul


Presbyterian Mission, Nanking, Church of Christ, Chinese Presbyterian Church, theology, mission, Sun Yat-sen, Chiang Kai-shek, Communism, nationalism, Pearl S. Buck, Hankow, Marco Polo Bridge, Red Cross, Japanese, Pearl Harbor, Jewish, women's status, Foochow, WWII, inflation, missionary, Charles Jarvis, Christianity, People's Republic of China

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