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Early life: family background; education; how Benedictines became involved in China at Fu Jen University, Peking; trip to Peking, 1930.

China Experiences: cultural adjustments to living in Peking; Benedictine sisters establish senior middle school for women; Chinese government requirements for bestowing the title of "university" upon Fu Jen; female students at Fu Jen; Benedictines leave Fu Jen due to financial problems; accepts position in Kaifeng, Honan; description of Benedictines working in Honan; establishment of a dispensary by the Benedictine sisters in Kaifeng; establishment and functions of the ecumenical International Relief Committee, formed 1937; Japanese take Kaifeng; internment in Kaifeng and in the Presbyterian compound at Weihsien; communications between Weihsien and the outside world; religious and other activity in Weihsien; trip to and lifestyle during internment in Peking; returns to Kaifeng at war's end to reclaim Benedictine property, 1945; difficulties resettling at mission; language study in China; memories of the Jewish community Kaifeng; Communist activity in China during the 1930s and 1940s; Benedictines leave China, 1948; work begun in Taiwan.

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Midwest China Center


Saint Paul


Benedictine, Fu Jen University, Peking, school for women, Chinese, Kaifeng, Honan, dispensary, International Relief Committee, Japanese, internment, Presbyterian, Weihsien, mission, Jewish, Communist, Taiwan

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