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Early Life: education; called by Augustana Lutheran Synod as evangelical worker, 1939; trip to China.

China Experiences: description of teaching method at College of Chinese Studies, Peking; evangelical techniques; experience obtaining visa for interior from Japanese; trip to and station at Yuhsien, Honan; adjustments to life in Yuhsien, Honan; description of Rev. Wu Djen Ming; practices Chinese gave up to become Lutherans; work as an evangelist at countryside outstations and marketplaces; the Honan famine and relief efforts, early 1940s; Yuhsien after Pearl Harbor; leaves Yuhsien due to Japanese advance; journey to West China and to America, 1944; called as Lutheran World Federation (LWF) South China Commissioner to supervise and assist the German missions in China after WWII; the post-war status of the German missions; efforts to prevent repatriation of German missionary doctor; response of Germans and Chinese to narrator; Nazi activity in Canton; Norwegians assume responsibility for German missions; comparison of post-WWI and post-WWII German mission; education of German missionary children; efforts to prevent confiscation of German mission property; efforts to align the German missions with LWF; identification of the need for agricultural missionaries in post-war China; experience with Christian Mission to Buddhists, Hong Kong; resigns LWF position to accept faculty position at Lutheran Seminary in Shekow, 1946; the evacuation of the seminary to Hong Kong, 1948; memories of Daniel Nelson, Jr.; the post-civil war issue of working with Communists; response to Chiang Kai-shek; memories of Peng Fu; perception of missionaries' responses to being forced out of Mainland China; response to the Three-Self Movement; experiences in Hong Kong and Taiwan as missionary; effects of the missionary movement on Christianity in the U.S.

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Saint Paul


Augustana Lutheran Synod, College of Chinese Studies, Peking, Japanese, Yuhsien, Honan, Wu Djen Ming, Chinese, evangelist, famine, Pearl Harbor, West China, Lutheran World Federation, LWF, German missions, Canton, Norwegians, post-war, post-WWII, agricultural, Christian, Buddhists, Hong Kong, seminary, Daniel Nelson, post-civil war, Communists, Chiang Kai-shek, Peng Fu, Mainland China, Three-Self Movement, Taiwan

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