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Early Life: brief description of parents' education and work in China; description of compound by Hatamen Street, Peking; relationships with Chinese servants; the international student body of the Peking American School (PAS); classes related to China at PAS; early experiences with people of different nationalities; after-school activities; memories of living in Korea during 1927 civil unrest in Peking; life at the summer resort Peitaho; church services in Peking Union Church; as a Girl Scout in Peking; adjustments to American society; various childhood experiences in Peking.

Later Life: mother's life in occupied Shanghai and in Japanese internment camp; description of three-day boat trip up Yangtze River, 1947; establishes and directs well-baby clinic in Wuchang; insights into local customs; memories of inflation; various memories of life in Wuchang; changes resulting from Communist takeover of Wuchang; experience of obtaining Communists' permission to leave China; the trip back to America; rumors associated with the Communists; various memories of time spent in China.

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Midwest China Center


Saint Paul


Peking, Hatamen Street, Chinese servants, Peking American School, PAS, Korea, Peitaho, Peking Union Church, Girl Scout, Shanghai, Japanese internment camp, Yangtze River, well-baby clinic, Wuchang, Communist

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