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Early Life: family background; education; accepts teaching position from Yale-in-China program.

China Experiences: teaching English at Changsha; response to extra-territoriality; description of the foreign community in Changsa; description of students' goals, political activity and attitudes toward Christianity; impressions of Sherwood Eddy; awareness of Japanese build-up in northern China; teaching at Yencheng University and working with the Yenta Christian Fellowship; impressions of John Leighton Stuart; Christianity and the needs of a modernizing China; awareness of the Chinese Communists; trip to Free China, 1940; accepts position as representative of Yale-in-China Board of Trustees, 1943; trip to Changsha after V-J Day; reconstructive activity in Changsa; accepts teaching position at Huachung University; Wuchang, 1947; inflation in China; tensions at Huachung University and the Communist takeover of Wuchang; U.S.-China relations after WWII; experiences leaving China; 1950; impact of China experiences.

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Midwest China Center


Saint Paul


Yale-in-China, Changsha, Christianity, Sherwood Eddy, Japanese build-up, Yencheng University, Yenta Christian Fellowship, John Leighton Stuart, Communists, Free China, V-J Day, Huachung University, Wuchang, inflation, U.S.-China relations, WWII

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