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Early Life: education; called by Board of Foreign Missions of the Norwegian Lutheran Church in America; common American perceptions of China at time of departure for China, 1921.

China Experiences: language school in Peking; layout of Kikungshan communnity; description of mission stations visited in 1922; issues facing the Lutheran United Mission (LUM) Conference of 1922; brief biographies of some Chinese leaders associated with LUM; brief history and comments on ecumenical and indigenous church movements; assignment to Kwangshan station; history of and response to extra-territoriality; experiences with bandits; brief description of Sun Yat-sen's rise to power and his principles of government; the most important military leaders of China during the 1920s; differences between American and Chinese cultures; experiences with Feng Yu-hsiang; response to Chiang Kai-shek; participating in an anti-foreign demonstration at Kwangshan, 1925; assigned to be principal of the American School-Kikungshan (ASK); experience with Nationalist troops on Kikungshan, 1927; purpose of Christian-sponsored education; evaluation of missionary work in China, 1807-1927; the International Student Christian Convention in Peking, 1922; insights into the history of Chinese civilization; effects of the mission movement upon Christianity in America; future of missions in China.

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Midwest China Center


Saint Paul


Board of Foreign Missions, Norwegian Lutheran Church of America, Peking, Kikungshan, mission, Lutheran United Mission, LUM, ecumenical, indigenous, Kwangshan, extra-territoriality, Sun Yat-sen, military, cultures, Feng Yu-hsiang, Chiang Kai-shek, American School, Natioinalist, Shanghai, missionary, International Student Christian Convention, Christianity

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