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Early Life: family background; education; accepted by Evangelical Lutheran Church Mission Board, 1945.

China Experiences: brief description of medical and mission personnel at Kioshan; issues discussed at Kioshan missionary conference, 1946; description of mission and medical personnel at Sinyang; health problems treated at the clinic; perceptions of the Chinese response to Communists and Nationalists; response to the use of medicine to spread the gospel; housing and hospital conditions at Sinyang; the decision to evacuate Sinyang; various observations of Nanking; causes of student unrest in Nanking; work at the Holy Light Clinic in Shanghai and description of Shanghai; assigned to work in Kunming, 1948; working with opium addicts in Kunming; memories of Daniel Nelson; evacuation to Hong Kong, 1948; lessons learned from China experiences; memorable missionaries and Chinese Christians.

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Midwest China Center


Saint Paul


Evangelical Lutheran Church, Kioshan, missionary, Sinyang, Communists, Nationalists, medicine, gospel, Nanking, student unrest, Holy Light Clinic, Shanghai, Kunming, opium addicts, Daniel Nelson, evacuation to Hong Kong, Chinese Christians

Midwest China Oral History Interviews